Vincent Purcell Violins

Vincent Purcell Violins


Hi Vincent,
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for guiding me through my recent violin and bow purchase.
You came recommended to me through a family member and are clearly highly knowledgeable and passionate about your craft.
To be able to have a range of violins in my price bracket to review, hear played and be supported (but with absolutely no pressure to buy) through narrowing down to the final two; and then allowing me to check the final choice with my violin teacher was really helpful.
Checking the final set up of my violin and giving me advice on aftercare, a written and emailed certificate for insurance purposes and genuine aftersales support was also very reassuring.
I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone interested in purchasing an old violin and indeed my violin teacher is also happy to point any students looking to move on from beginner outfits to you.
I’m so pleased to have a violin that I can cherish and will give me the motivation to practice and go on to play well.
Thanks again,
Kind regards

Heike Scott

I was stunned at the magic Vincent has used in the restoration of my late 18th century German violin which I collected it recently.

My story begins in about 1964 when my parents bought the instrument from Laurence Naisby in Liverpool for about £20. In subsequent years it had a very hard life when, as a teenager, I carried it around the bumpy back-roads of Cheshire on the back of an unsprung Bantam motorbike attending various concerts and rehearsals of the County youth orchestra.

Jumping forward a few years I used it as an orchestral player in the local (bad) amateur orchestra in Isleworth before retiring it to my loft as my interests took me elsewhere.

Jumping forward another few years and I dug the instrument out of my loft with a view to selling it – sadly the instrument had decided to spontaneously and spectacularly self-destruct with the entire neck and finger board detaching itself from the body of the instrument. I did not have the heart to throw the instrument away and it was returned to its resting place in my loft. That was about 1990.

Fast forwarding to the present day, and my loft clear-out. I was certain my old violin was beyond help and would end its days in the local tip. I gave it one last chance and approached Vincent with lots of photographs for his opinion. Vincent told me it was well worth saving.

I have the instrument back now after a complete restoration and the results are completely stunning. It has never sounded as good as it does now – silky smooth tones on the lower strings like dark chocolate and crystal clear sounds on the ‘E’ string without ever being shrill. I now have difficulty in putting the instrument down it is so good and pleasing to play. I now have ambitions to join a (good) local amateur orchestra in the near future, once I have recovered my former playing skills.

Thank you Vincent for a stunning restoration. 

William Gibson



William Gibson

Testimonial for Website

We’ve been looking for a perfect full-size violin for my daughter for some time and Vincent was recommended to us. We visited him and he offered us a mixed selection of incredible violins within our price-range.

He  made us feel welcome, and allowed us to take our time, comparing them all. When we were down to two choices,  he lent us both to try it at home so that she could make up her mind comfortably.

Choosing a violin is such a personal experience, we’re glad we found a perfect violin for her.
Vincent couldn’t be more helpful, he has great knowledge and is very accommodating, we will be coming back for sure and highly recommend him.

August 2022

Michelle Wibowo

Hi every violin lover.

Twenty years ago, (third generation) I inherited my Gran-father’s violin. He was born around 1880. When the violin was passed down to me it was in a sorry state, having been a plaything for many children. I stated to look for a restorer with the skills capable to complete this dedicated restoration. It took me many months to find the right restoration specialist. I contacted a number of “so called” restorers, I found that many of them advertise and then send to a third party workshop for the required work.

I continued my painstaking research to find a restoration expert. Then I found the web site of Mr Vincent Purcell, I could tell from the web site I had found a craftsman. I contacted Mr Purcell and he requested I sent a few photos for him to see if the old violin would be a cost affected restoration. In his expert opinion it was a worthwhile restoration as the violin was probably of German origin circa late 1800, that fitted with my grandfather’s age. That told me “this guy knows a thing or two about violins”.


I sent the old violin to him for a full visual inspection, for him to clarify that it was worth restoring.  His estimation was that the restoration of the old violin was a worthwhile project and it would be cost effective if I ever wished to put it up for sale.  He gave me a total cost of the restoration, I agreed the price.  When it was completed he sent me an invoice and it was exactly what he said it would be. He sent me photos throughout the restoration. I have now received Grandads old violin back after the restoration and it looks like grandad had just took it out of the case to play a tune for me.

It’s a fantastic restoration by a truly talented restorer. In this world you don’t always get what you pay for. With Vincent Purcell you get exactly what you pay for. Thank you Vincent for bringing my family heirloom back to life, it sounds fantastic, after my time it will be passed down to the next generation, it last a further 130 years I’m sure.

You respectfully

T Charles Beresford

Charles Beresford

Charles Beresford

This is a really good place to buy, or as in my case, upgrade a violin.

I had a violin for intermediate grades and knew I was ready

for something with far more potential and quality of sound.

I was actually spoilt for choice at my visit! A lovely range of German, French, and English instruments laid out ready for me

all within the agreed price range.

What I would like to emphasize is, there was absolutely no pressure to rush my choice, or even to buy.

I was left alone and allowed to take my time. I left with more than one instrument for a week’s approval, which again was so helpful because I changed from

my initial favourite to one that developed as being far more versatile.

Summary: All round a very good experience.


Margaret McDonald

Piano and Flute Teacher


19th November 2020

Margaret Mcdonald

My favourite violin bow was in need of a rehair and a tip. Vincent was highly recommended to me by several musician friends, including Herbie Flowers. The bow is now as good as new, with a perfect tip and rehair, all done quickly and at a very reasonable price.

On collection it was good to have a chat and even a short fiddling session! It’s a pleasure to have met such a great craftsman who also happens to be a very nice guy!

I will definitely be recommending Vincent to fellow string players of any instrument and it’s very reassuring to know mine would be in good hands if needed.

Mike Piggott

Mike Piggott

Mike Piggott

We recently purchased a baroque ‘cello from Vincent for Leeds Baroque Orchestra. It was a pleasure dealing with him. Not only did we have a full description and pictures of the ‘cello but he bent over backwards to be helpful in arranging transport to Leeds and letting us have the instrument for an extended trial period so our ‘cellists could try it out at orchestral rehearsals. The result is we have an excellent ‘cello at a very reasonable price.

Leeds Baroque orchestra

Leeds Baroque orchestra

After having received great repairs on my violin, all with very good service, I decided to go to Vincent when looking for a new violin.  I tried many violins within my price range, all in great condition and all producing nice varied tones and colours which is what I needed. I settled on one of his violins and couldn’t be happier with it, and the service and repairs I have received in the past. Would highly recommend Vincent Purcell to anybody looking for high quality violins or repairs!

Amy Gilbert, The Purcell School

I have been looking for a new violin for some time. I am really pleased with my recently purchased violin, which absolutely suits my needs as a regular player. The feel is perfect and the rich and fruity tone compliment the instruments played by my fellow members of several string groups. Many thanks Vincent.

Emilia Parrott

I first found Vincent about 5 years ago when I needed to repair my Violin due to an overseas housemove back to the UK, and during the removal process my violin was damaged.
Vincent did a fantastic job with the repair doing some cleaning and tidying up free of charge too.
I’ve recently started playing again more regularly as I’m back in an orchestra and the violin I am using was still my old free school violin that I’d just never gotten around to upgrading.
Whilst looking at where to go to buy a violin I was recommended several places by other orchestral players but my mind kept coming back to Vincent as I remembered that he also did up old violins and sold them as well as doing repairs.
I wasn’t too interested in buying a ‘new’ violin so something old was really more what I was after.
After contacting Vincent he set up an appointment very quickly and when I arrived he had set out around 10-15 violins for me to try. I had seen one on his website which I loved the look of but he also said he had some lovely violins not yet on the site.
I loved the way he laid then all out in price order so I knew where I was on the value scale 😊
The one I’d loved on the website I actually didn’t love at all to play despite it being on the higher end value wise. I was looking for something with a lovely mellow tone that resonated well and ended up with a beautiful French 19th century violin that I’m still in awe of actually owning. The best part? It was one of the cheaper options laid out for me which gave me the additional choice of having a new bow too.
Now I’m not an expert or even close to it on violins or bows as principally I’m a flautist – with violin my 3rd instrument, so knowing that Vincent was extremely knowledgable in this area made me feel completely reassured. I asked him to select a few bows for me to try, and out of the 2 he chose for me – there it was – the perfect choice to accompany my new violin.
What I like most about Vincent and my interactions with him, are that I always come away knowing a lot more about the history of violin making and violins in general, and he’s just a great guy to chat to.
I also know that he has given me an excellent quality set up on my violin, and the precision and care he puts into all his work is just outstanding.
I can’t imagine going to anyone else in the future to take care of my violin needs.

Lorna Winter

Vincent quickly set up a visit for me to come and look at a few violins within my budget. He talked me through their different features and allowed me to stay and play them for as long as I wished, as well as loaning me one free of charge to try out. Not only is my new violin exactly what I was looking for, I feel more informed about this industry and my playing in general. He took extra care in providing this service and I would recommend him to anyone looking to buy a violin from a real expert.

Mimi McGann

I first came to Vincent in 2017 looking to buy a violin. I wanted something good (obviously) but not too expensive, that I could use playing with friends outdoors, as I was too nervous to use my main violin for this purpose. I traveled all over Sussex trying as many violins as possible for several weeks. I must have tried out around 20 instruments, including 4 of Vincent’s. It was immediately apparent playing Vincent’s violins that they were very well set up and of a higher quality than almost all the others I had tried. I ended up with a lovely French violin from the late 19th century, whose sound is soft, sweet and easy, and that suits me perfectly. Knowledgeable friends of mine are astounded at the sound this violin can make, compared to the very reasonable price I paid. Vincent has a deep knowledge and love of violins and their history, and upon first meeting him I got to see his latest half-built model and discuss many aspects of violin making, playing and history. I would urge anyone who wants a high quality old violin to visit him. His instruments are set up so well, that it is instantly possible to appreciate something of a violin’s true range and tone, without wondering…could this sound better if only it was set up properly.

Subsequent to my first visit, I have used Vincent several times. He checked over my new violin after a year, replacing the bridge and making minor adjustments for free. I have also learnt some invaluable tips regarding maintenance and setup that I can do myself – things I would have loved to have known years ago. In 2018 I took Vincent my main German violin (a Stainer copy) for a new setup. He has managed to improve the sound of this instrument I have been playing for over 25 years, with a few adjustments and replacements, and I am extremely happy with the results. I now have two fine instruments I can play anytime, a surprising luxury for an amateur player, due in no small part to the excellent service I have received from Vincent”.

Harry Westaway

Harry Westaway

I always keep an eye out for interesting fiddles but it’s rare that I find one that has the sound I want for a price I can afford. I recently happened upon a beautiful instrument that Vincent had for sale at a festival and found it to be far more impressive than more expensive violins I’d tried. He explained the instrument’s history and features, and the work done to bring it to its current state. Needless to say, I was sold! The whole experience was completely enjoyable and no-pressure, like buying something from an old friend. (As it happens, I bought my very first violin from Vincent years before.) I’m couldn’t be happier with my purchase and would recommend Vincent wholeheartedly to anyone looking for their next (or first) violin!
Angie Boothroyd

So pleased we came across your website. We were looking high and low for that one special violin. You were so honest with your advice. We took your advice on board and we are not disappointed. Everyone comments I’m trying sound quality. It’s only 3/4 but I’d love her to keep it forever. It’s perfect. We are utterly grateful. We will be back when she needs an up size.


Since 2001, I needed to know a reliable and skilled violin-maker and repairer for maintaining my instruments and was fortunate enough to be introduced to Vincent Purcell by another professional violinist.
When students come to me for tuition beyond the starter phase and are serious about advancing their studies, I believe a appropriate incentive is they go to Vincent to discuss an upgrade of violin. To progress from an educational beginner factory made instrument to a decent handmade instrument is important. Vincent holds stocks of violins that would hold their value, even increase.Most importantly, playing on a decent violin allows students to develop their own identity through tone quality and production, essential for good music making.

Mr Barry Wickens F.T.C.L L.T.C.L

Mr Barry Wickens F.T.C.L L.T.C.L

For donkey’s years Mr Purcell has repaired and serviced my old english double bass. The day we met he actually had to rebuild it. I bought it in 1956 from my R.A.F. bandmaster, I love it. It’s the bass I used on the recording of Lou Reed’s ‘Walk on the Wild Side’. Thank you Vince – you’re a wizard. Thank you too for never removing or even asking me what the Tippex marks on the fingerboard are for. Without them, or you, I’d be lost.

Herbie Flowers

Herbie Flowers

Yes, I could go to a very expensive London dealer, pay top prices and still end up with something that does not work for me from someone who does not seem to care.

With Vincent I appreciate I am getting value for money, but more importantly a trusted friend with whom I can leave my instruments and know they are in the best of hands.

Ivor Ottley

Ivor Ottley

Vincent has been restoring instruments for my students for years now. He is fast, efficient, generous and honest. I have used him many times to find instruments for my advanced students and they and I have never been disappointed. Almost all the students I have sent to him have come away with excellent quality instruments at very reasonable prices. I would recommend him to any teacher or performer.

Ros Hanson-Laurent, Violin/Viola teacher

I would not go to anyone else! Vincent’s work is high quality and always reliable.I have been taking my instruments to him since 1988 and have never been disappointed with his craftsmanship and advice. I bought a beautiful violin from him too.
when people ask me where to go for great violins, bow re-hairs, instrument set-ups and repairs I always tell them Vincent is the one.

Linda Game

Linda Game